Individuals and families

Everyone has different circumstances and dreams for themselves, their families, and future generations. At IFAM Capital, we believe our informed approach delivers the individualized guidance and expertise that helps our clients achieve their objectives – from growing wealth, to protecting wealth, to transferring wealth.

Real-world experience with real-world application

Like you, we’ve faced all kinds of milestones – from putting children through college, to caring for aging parents, to planning for business succession and retirement. This real-world experience can’t be taught, but it gives us the knowledge and perspective to better address the challenges you face today.

Multigenerational team for rock-solid continuity

Because continuity matters, our multigenerational team works closely with your accountants and attorneys to provide one integrated approach. That means you can be confident that your finances will be in the best of hands now and well into the future.

Preserve your way of life and enrich what you treasure.

Financial planning

Working with you, we’ll craft financial plans that address your short- and long-term needs. We factor in your risk tolerance, timelines, tax implications, liquidity requirements – everything that comprises your unique financial life. This plan becomes a living document, changing with your priorities.

Retirement dreams can come true
From providing realistic projections into Social Security, Medicare, and long-term care, to ensuring you receive the maximum benefit from employer-sponsored retirement plans and pensions, we develop retirement strategies that meet your definition of success – and complement your financial plans.

Asset management

When it comes to investing, there’s no such thing as “one solution fits all.” We provide active and thoughtful management of your assets, advising you on why you should or shouldn’t make changes, and working to deliver results that meet your goals with the lowest possible risk. Plus we’ll keep you in-the-know with regular, transparent communication and comprehensive progress reports.


Applied experience

Along with experience in up and down markets, we have firsthand knowledge of the challenges you face and the insight to help you solve them.

Customized portfolio

Leveraging our deep understanding of your needs and risk tolerance, we take a holistic approach to planning and asset management so you can be confident in your investments.

Proactive management

Our past experience has shown that proactive management can yield more active returns during difficult markets. We also work to reduce expenses and lower total costs, which better positions you for income and liquidity.

Wealth transfer strategies

We develop the strategies to help provide income, as well as preserve and transfer wealth so you know the people and causes that are important to you will receive the greatest benefit. We know how to transfer wealth without using insurance, and most importantly, we make sure we’re transferring it in a way that gives children the incentive to pursue their own dreams.

Make a lasting difference

As experts in charitable giving, we can help you identify ways to maximize your charitable gifts while reducing taxes to your estate.

Find the right way to say goodbye

Developing an exit strategy from your business is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever face. With careful planning, we can help you overcome obstacles, avoid the common pitfalls, and ensure that your business lives on long after you leave it.

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