Welcome to IFAM Capital

At IFAM Capital, we customize solutions based on a deep understanding of you, our client. Our experience comes from life – not a textbook. Very few advisers have our diverse backgrounds; we’ve learned by doing, solving for ourselves the same challenges our clients face. This perspective and real-world experience enables our multi-generational team to deliver powerful insights that help you achieve your goals and can help you enrich what you treasure for generations.

You are our priority

Everything we do and every decision we make is with the best interests of our clients in mind. At the end of the day, we define our success by yours. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Managing to risk and reward

We take a risk- and needs-based approach to craft a strategy tailored to meet the goals of you and your family.

Focus Financial Partners

Focus Financial Partners is a leading partnership of independent, fiduciary wealth management firms. Focus provides access to best practices, resources, and continuity planning for its partner firms who serve individuals, families, employers, and institutions with wealth management, benefits consulting, and investment consulting services. Focus partner firms maintain their operational independence, while they benefit from the synergies, scale, economics, and best practices of a market leader to achieve their business objectives.

Denver, Colorado
Phone: 720-550-5551
Toll-free: 866-910-9081
Fax: 970-530-0215

Fort Collins, Colorado
Phone: 970-530-5021
Toll-free: 866-910-9611
Fax: 970-530-0215

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Phone: 605-370-5472
Toll-free: 866-910-7824
Fax: 605-271-9312


Jeff Gordon

Partner, CIO/CEO